Sim Cards

Communication is vital to Erasmus and international students in Valencia, Spain. Not only do students want to be able to make local calls to converse with their new friends or family back home, but they'll want to have the convenience of a Spanish SIM card and phone number. Soy Erasmus provides this service to Valencia's foreign exchange students. We understand that keeping in touch is important and that obtaining this service could be difficult when first arriving in a foreign country.

Soy Erasmus provides advice to international students about local SIM cards and phones. Students should know that contacting new friends in Valencia with a local SIM card is much cheaper than using your SIM card from your home country. Moreover, Spanish SIM cards and plans allow international students to telephone home affordably. Students can save money when they procure their Spanish SIM card and phone with our guidance.

Some students prefer to have two SIM cards, one for Spain and one for their native home. For this reason we can even provide access to an inexpensive second phone to suit their needs. Having a reliable mobile phone in Valencia is important for keeping in touch with new friends when you're on the go, meeting out for social events, or simply want to telephone a local business or your university with questions.

We would also like to invite Valencia's international students to contact us if they have any trouble with their technology equipment such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and more. We can advise students where to find quality repairs at affordable prices. If new replacements are needed, we can assist you in that regard too. We want your stay in Valencia to be as pleasurable as possible. Even though technical issues may arise, we don't want them to distract you from your studies or time in this marvelous city.

Once you have your Spanish SIM card and phone, you will be able to easily set appointments, contact new acquaintances, telephone venues for information, and, of course, call home to tell your family and friends in your homeland how much fun you're having in Valencia, Spain. The phones are of excellent quality and easy to use. You will find that they serve all your communication needs during your stay in Valencia.

For more information about these and our other services, please contact us. We look forward to helping you obtain your Spanish SIM card and phone for your studies abroad.

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