1. I found a room I like and I would like to reserve it. What should I do?

    Please check How it works section to see all the reservation process.

  2. I have paid a package. Does it mean I have a room?

    Yes, it means that the room will be kept for you until your arrival. After the payment you will receive a confirmation email about the reservation with detailed information. The room will not be visible in the results for the exact period of your booking.

  3. Do I get any document/receipt when I buy a package to confirm my reservation?

    After successful payment you will receive a confirmation email (the one you have registered in our web page with) with the invoice in it.

  4. When arrive by flight is it possible to pick me/us up from the airport and lead me/us to the flat? What is your pick up service policy?

    Yes, we do pickups from the train station, bus station and the airport of Valencia for additional cost. All the information about our pick up service you can receive with a confirmation message. If you have any enquires just contact us.

  5. What can I do if can´t find the accommodation I need in the website?

    In this case feel free to contact us and we will try to help you to find a solution. Also we recommend you to check our web page frequently to see our new rental options.

  6. I have booked the room online. Can I arrange the viewing before I sign the contract?

    We appreciate that clients wish to view the room before signing the contact. Unfortunately, this is not a common practice (especially that you are able to view videos of the rooms on YouTube) in such industry. This is normally to do with the high workload during check-in and check-out.

    However, should the tenant find the room completely different that they´ve seen on the pictures or videos they have a right to claim back the money and the company will refund it.

  7. If I had the room reserved for a specific date and decided to arrive earlier: 1. is it possible to be accommodated in a temporary room while I am waiting for initially booked room to become available? 2. will temporary accommodation have same standards as the permanent (initially booked) one?

    Should the client require a temporary accommodation, we are able to provide it only if they are available at that point in time. Temporary room prices vary from 10-15 Euros per night depending whether it is single or double room. Depending on the availability temporary rooms may have same, lower or higher quality. 

  1. I have found an available apartment for me and my friends. Can I reserve it by my own or my friends have to go through the reservation process as well?

    In that case there are 2 ways to make the reservation:

    Firstly, your friends can book separately the rooms of the apartment you like. In this case all of your friends will have to buy a package by themselves. You need to go and search by ‘’room’’ in the search bar and simply book every single room in the apartment.

    Secondly, you can book an entire apartment for you and your friends on your own. In this case each of you should buy a package individually. To book an entire apartment you should go to the search bar and chose the "flat" option.

  2. Are the rooms in shared apartments rented for couples or 2 friends? How much we will pay? How should we reserve it?

    Yes, there are rooms’ types - double rooms, which you can rent for couples or 2 friends. For 2 people the less expensive choice is to rent one double room than 2 separate rooms in a shared flat. The total price will be divided by 2. Please note, the price for 2 in total is higher because of the higher bills.

    Double room for 2 should be reserved by one of the people who will live in the room. In reservation process it is essential to give some information about the other tenant. A package should be paid by the person making the reservation. 

  3. I already booked a room and I want to book more rooms in same period for my friends. Can I do it?

    No, you can´t. In the same period, you can only have one reservation. Your friends should book the rooms by themselves.

  4. I have found a room I like, but I can’t see any information about other flatmates. Does it mean I’ll stay here alone?

    If you’ve found the room you like, but you can’t see any information about the flat mates in this flat, means that for the moment this apartment has no residents. However, it doesn’t mean that you will live alone. Specifically, it means that there are no residents by this moment, but they will arrive later on.

    Usually our rooms are very attractive to students coming from all over the world. We can proudly say that the price and location of every flat cover the needs of our customers so the rooms in our flats never stay empty.

  1. Should I pay something in advance to book the room or is it for free?

    Yes, you should buy a package in order to complete your reservation. It is a guarantee for us that you will take the room. As soon as we receive your payment of the chosen package (either by credit card or bank transfer), we secure your chosen room (or flat) and keep it for you until you come. So in this case it won’t be seen in results of possible rentals by any other customers.

  2. Should I pay after something additional for the company (commission or any additional fee)?

    In order to confirm your reservation of a room and offer you extra services, we have designed three different packages. By buying one of these packages, you confirm your reservation, as soon as we receive the payment.

  3. When I buy a package payment what else should I pay before my arrival and in my arrival?

    Before your arrival you don’t need to pay anything else. In your arrival you will pay the rest: (Monthly rent + deposit). All the detailed information about it we will send you with a confirmation message about the reservation and payments after you make a reservation.

  4. In case I change an opinion and don’t take a room is the payment of the package I bought refundable?

    No, the payment of a package is non – refundable. We ask for you to buy a package in order to secure the room (or flat) just for you so the room is no more visible in the results of possible rentals for the reserved dates. In this case if you step back and change your opinion (or just cancel the room) we lose time and money while keeping it for you. For this reason, the payment of a package is non-refundable.

  5. What happens with the payment of a package paid if I am not satisfied with the accommodation or I change my opinion and don’t come to Valencia?

    To prevent you as a customer and us as a company we provide updated information as images and real video of the flat, the same like you visit in live. However, if still after your arrival the room/flat does not meet your expectations HFW will not return you the money. Unfortunately, you will lose the amount paid for your chosen package. For this reason, we always recommend to proceed with reservation ONLY after you assure yourself that you have no doubts about your choice.

    In all our experience we didn´t have this case, because the apartments are the same like in video or pictures. Any of our customers, who booked from us, since we open the company have changed an idea or were not satisfied.

  6. Why should I make reservation in advance and not wait until I arrive to Valencia?

    It’s for your convenience and safe. By this way, it reassures that you will have an apartment straight after your arrival in Valencia. By making a reservation before your arrival you will save your time and money, which you would lose in Valencia by looking for a room. Just leave this in our professional hands and we will do everything for you. We are here to help you anytime!

  7. What are the possible paying methods to buy a package? Does the paying/reservation process go over by PayPal or it can be done just by credit card? Are there any other options of payment?

    After finding an available room or flat you like you need to proceed to the payment stage. Simply by pressing the button "Pay 150 EUR" (Bronze package, for example). In different cases an amount can be different) you will be redirected to the bank page to make a safe payment by credit or debit card.

    On our website there is no choice of paying through PayPal.

    Another option of payment can be seen again in the bank page. It is called “iupay”, more used in Spain and similar to PayPal.

    After a successful payment DON’T FORGET to finish the operation by clicking CONTINUE button in the bank page. After clicking it you will receive an automatic confirmation message to your email (the email with which you have registered in our page).

  1. I have problems with paying the package using my credit card. What should I do?

    If you have a problem to pay the package payment by card you can make a transfer to our company. The details are:

    Name of the company: HAPPY FOREIGNERS WORLD, S.L.,

    Name of the bank: LACAIXA, Account number: 2100-2940-1902-0010-9087, IBAN: ES41-2100-2940-1902-0010-9087, BIC or SWIFT: CAIXESBBXXX (or CAIXESBB), Address of the bank: C/Don Armando Palacio Valdés 2, Valencia, Spain.

    In the concept just write: Reservation of the room (or flat) REF…..

    Note that for Non-European countries there is a commission (usually between 12-20 euros).

    In this case it is VERY IMPORTANT that you send us a copy of the transfer to our email: info@happyforeignersworld.com

    As soon as we receive the money (normally for international transfers it takes 2-3 working days) we will send you a confirmation about the payment and reservation.

    It is important in this case that you register in our web page and book the room (find the room and pass the reservation steps. The last one is when you click the bottom "Proceed with payment". After clicking this bottom the room will not be more available to book by other students for the period you choose).

  2. I just booked a room on the website but it says I haven’t bought a package to reserve the room, but I went through the process of putting in my credit card. I also didn´t receive a confirmation message to my email about the payment and reservation. I just want to be sure if I have a room or not?

    It means that you haven’t gone correctly through the reservation process. Maybe in the bank page you have forgotten to click "Continue" button after Successful payment. In this case we will continue the reservation and send you a confirmation about the room/flat you have booked.

  3. I found a room/flat, tried to book it, but in the bank page couldn’t notice a package payment. Later, I tried to search for the same room to make the payment with a different card, but I couldn’t find a room/flat? Does it mean that it was rented by another person?

    It can happen for two reasons: Firstly, if you ran through all the reservation process and in the bank page you couldn´t make the payment, it means that the room is in your account. You just need login in our page and check Bookings. So you will be able to complete the reservation by paying.

    Secondly, it is possible that your reservation has been canceled and another student has booked the room. In this case you will not find it in your account, neither in the results of available rooms for rent.

  4. I made a mistake and paid my package more than one time. What should I do?

    In this case the extra amount you paid will be counted as your monthly rent or/and deposit.

  1. Can I make a reservation several months in advance to my arrival date?

    Most of the rooms are reserved by students before their arrival. So we strongly recommend you to secure the room you like in advance. If you reserve earlier, you will be sure that this room will not be taken by other student. Also the earlier you book the better opportunity you will have to take the best room.

    Usually you can find by our results in the search bar all the rooms starting from the TOP rated to the best ones (according to their availability).

  2. Can I make a reservation if my arrival date is in the middle or the last months of the academic year?

    You can make a reservation after huge season of reservations for a study period (from 16 of September to 15 or 31 of January and from 26 of February to 31 of August). Before 1-15 of September (reservations for upcoming first semester or academic year) and 1-25 of February (reservations for upcoming second semester) you will be able to reserve the room for one semester, one academic year or for summer time (from the 1st of July until the 31 of August).

    If you need a room in the middle of the semester or academic year you can search all the possible rooms to rent after 15 of September passes (for the period of 16 of September until 31of January) and after 25 of February passed (for 26 of February until 31 of August) or send us your request and we will contact you back.

  3. I want to rent a room for one semester (academic year or just second semester). Also, I want to go earlier, but I can choose the earliest exit date only 16 of June (for one academic year or second semester reservations) or 16 of January (for the first semester reservations)? What should I do?

    The minimum time we rent is one semester with moving out from 16 of January to 31; for the second semester or one academic year with exits from 16 of June until 31 of August.

    If you want to move out earlier than its stated in the contract you still will be asked for the same payment as it is in the contract (booked period).

  4. If I booked a room from one arrival date and I will come later will I have changes in the contract and payments?

    It is possible that you come later, but you will need to pay the rent for the booked period. You will not have any changes in the contract and payment.

  5. My exit date is later than 31 of January (or 31 of August), but I can choose only exit date 31 of January (or 31 of August), what should I do if I want to stay a bit longer? I don’t know yet exactly until which day I stay in Valencia, maybe longer. What I have to do? Can I extend the length of a contract for short periods of time?

    For the first semester we rent only until 31 of January and for the second semester until 31st of August. You can rent the room/flat until this date. If you will stay longer, you can contact us one month in advance (just before your contract ends) and ask about the possibilities of temporary rooms. If we have something available for you, we will let you know.

    In order to modify the contractual period, you should inform us, at least 30 days before the contract ends. However, the landlord reserves the right to accept the renewal or not, according to the availability of the room/apartment and the period expected for the renewal.

  6. I booked a room from the 1st of February (or 1st of September), but I will come to Valencia few days earlier in January (or in August). My room is available only from the 1st of February (or 1st of September) could you offer another temporary room? Can I come earlier to the flat? Should I pay for these days?

    In that case we recommend you to search all the possible rooms for the temporary staying from December (for temporary rooms in January) and from July (for temporary rooms in August).

    From December to the end of January you will be able to find and book the room for temporary staying in January. From July to the end of August you will be able find and book a room for temporary staying in August.

    Yes, you must pay for temporary room. The prices are calculated by days and will be shown when you book the room.

  7. Can I rent accommodation for short time? What is a minimum time for temporary rentals?

    Normally all the rooms we rent are for the study period or for the summer time. If you need a room for short time during the study period, please try to search for it after the busy season of rentals finishes (after 15 of September in the first semester and after 25 of February in second semester). During summer time from 1st of July until 31 of August you can find a room easier for temporary staying.

    Our loyal customers who have been renting from us or those who have stayed longer than 6 months in our apartments can benefit from our temporary rental service as they are allowed to stay minimum 2 days in any of the temporary rooms available while the others- new students they have a minimum stay of 7 nights.

  8. For how long can I rent the accommodation?

    We have accommodation for temporal for half academic year (one semester), for one academic year or for summer time. If an apartment is available out of high season rental (after 15 of September in first semester, after 25 of February second semester), we usually consider accepting short term rentals.

  9. How can I change my arrival and exit dates?

    We have strong policy on all arrival and exit dates. If you can't find the dates you want to move in/out available, it means that we don't rent in those dates. You can contact us for more information about rentals with different dates.

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