Ha Erasmusos diákként szállást keresel Valenciában, segíthetünk megtalálni a legideálisabb lakást Spanyolország eme gyönyörű szegletében. Megannyi kiadó lakás vagy szoba van kínálatunkban, a város különböző részeiből, sokuk valamely egyetemhez közel. Mivel ezek a városrészek népszerűek a helyi lakosság körében, nehéz lehet megfelelő szállást találni a kívánt helyen, főleg szezonban. Segítünk a diákoknak ahogy tudunk, de ajánlott minél hamarabb lakást foglalni hogy ne érjen csalódás. A Happy Foreigners World szobák nagy választékával várja az Erasmusos diákokat.  

For international students, moving to an unfamiliar city can be difficult; it can take some time to overcome the language barrier and to understand the different customs of the foreign country. We are experienced in helping foreign exchange students--especially Erasmus students in Valencia--locate the right apartments, houses, or other types of student accommodations in the most suitable areas of Valencia. Naturally, many exchange students often prefer to live near one of Valencia's universities; other international students may have budget requirements when it comes to student housing. We work with students to find the accommodation that suits them best. Whichever country you are traveling from, you can contact Happy Foreigners World and we will answer any questions you have about the city, the universities, where to live, things to do, place to visit, and so much more.

The flats or houses for rent available for international students range from the simple to the more luxurious. Most of our apartments are fully furnished and have Internet access, but please be sure to read the description of each type of accommodation to confirm its specific details. The location and the cost of the apartment should obviously be taken into consideration. If there is anything more you need know, please contact us for additional details.

Shared apartments for students in Valencia also are popular choices for a number of reasons. Not only are the costs of the apartment shared between flat mates/roommates, but there are also more opportunities to meet new people and learn new languages and customs. Vibrant social life is, after all, a part of the whole Erasmus experience. Happy Foreigners World can find you relatively cheap and cost-effective housing in the best areas of Valencia: Blasco Ibañez, Tarongers, Mestalla, Benimaclet, Carmen, the city center, and more. You can book your room quickly and securely and be confident that we will find you the best deal. Remember that we have student accommodations that include apartments, studio apartments, houses/housing, and rooms for rent in shared flats, so we can cater to Erasmus students with various needs and budgets.

We're proud to be a popular choice for Erasmus students and, for this reason, Happy Foreigners World is constantly striving to help international students have a memorable and enriching stay in Valencia. It's such a beautiful city with so much to offer in the way of culture, art, entertainment, leisure, and history.

The number of students looking for housing in Valencia is increasing year by year, so it's always best to book a room or flat as early as possible. We do have many rooms specifically for international students, but if the demand is too great we must operate on a first-come-first-served basis. Book your accommodation--flat or apartment room-- soon and join other Erasmus students in Valencia for an experience you'll remember forever.

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