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Do you have an apartment that you are not going to use or do you not have time to look for a good tenant to live in it? Rent your property with Soy Erasmus. We will make sure that your property gets rented as quickly as possible, to the best tenants, and at the best price.

Why Soy Erasmus ?
The Perfect Room
Stop wasting time browsing irrelevant ads online and actually find a room. Our Perfect Room System offers you many compatible room options based on your own criteria. Finding the perfect room has never been this fast and easy!
Save and Secure
Soy Erasmus has been trusted by many students since 2017. Your contact information is kept private through our secure messaging center. Our employees stick to privacy law and respect your private information, so you can look for a room with confidence!
Reservation advantages
When you rent a room/flat a Soy Erasmus, you can choose between three different reservation packages. 📦 These packages have been made as beneficial as possible for you as a student. They include 1 day-trip with Soy Erasmus of your own choice, 1 free Spanish class at a Spanish school, 1 free Gym class and more* ✅
Online booking
At Soy Erasmus you have the freedom to settle everything from home before arrival. 🛋️ We check the room for you and we make sure that it looks perfectly ready for you to move in. You will save a lot of time, stress and money by booking online since you don’t have to stay in a temporary accommodation or hotel 🏨.


Get started now and find your perfect room

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