Soy Erasmus is pleased to invite Erasmus and other foreign exchange students to accompany them on their group outings and trips organized to showcase the culture and beauty of Valencia as well as Spain and even nearby countries like Morocco. These trips will complement your stay in Valencia and help you make the most of your study-abroad experience.

We, at Soy Erasmus, realize that it can seem daunting to travel through a foreign country alone, which is why we organize these trips to support students' needs to witness other majestic sites of Spain in the company of other international students like themselves. This is an excellent way to meet new friends and discover new cultures.

Another reason to come along on our trips is because we design them with students' interests in mind. We also know where the great spots are around the city and its outskirts. When we organize longer excursions, like those to Madrid or Barcelona for instance, students will have the comfort of knowing that we have been there before and we can guide them along the journey to the most interesting places of each destination.

We enjoy planning trips around Valencia to showcase its many marvelous attractions such as its museums, galleries, monuments, parks, historic quarters, and so much more. Valencia's beaches are a great scenic attraction and we find that beach activities are always a popular hit among international students. Our tours of Valencia are geared to give students a complete picture of our fine city so they get to know it well before returning to their homeland.

We also plan excursions around the suburbs of Valencia. Drive with us along the Mediterranean coast to experience the scenic attractions and culture of Mediterranean Spain. Trips to Barcelona offer students glimpses into that city's ancient past but also acquaint them with its modern pleasures. Similarly, our trips to different nice cities allow students to get to know the capital and its many Spanish attractions. We also head to more far-flung destinations like Morocco, which lies quite close to Spain, just beyond the Rock of Gibraltar. Along the way to each destination, students will sample unique regional cuisine and get to see the beautiful landscapes that Spain is famous for.

We can't wait for you to accompany us on one of our trips as they are specifically designed with you in mind! For more information and to stay up-to-date with travel plans, please follow us on Facebook or Instagram. You can also contact us via our website at any time to find out more about our various trips and how you can take part too!

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