While part of the study-abroad experience is to sit in a classroom together with local students and to study, it must be said that the social aspect of life in another country should not be ignored! To fully immerse yourself in the life of Valencia, Spain, you should plan to attend as many Erasmus parties and international student festivities as you can. These events will complement your academic pursuits but also truly enrich your life!

Soy Erasmus specializes in fostering the social scene for international and Erasmus students. We provide plenty of information for foreign exchange students so they know where and when to attend these special events. Attending these parties is the best way to meet other international students from all over the world as well as local students. Many of these events are held in bars, pubs, and discotheques. To experience Erasmus life to the fullest, Erasmus parties are a must!

If you are sitting home and wondering what to do or where to go, be sure to get in touch with Soy Erasmus. We will keep you posted about where Erasmus parties or events are being held and in which neighborhoods of the city. Most of these parties are held in areas known for their student populations. You can walk, bike, or conveniently take the Metro to reach the events you would like to attend.

Expect to attend unforgettable Erasmus events near Valencia's beautiful beaches as well as in quaint historic neighborhoods. As you meet other students to converse, laugh, and enjoy Valencia's incredible food and drinks, you will find that the social aspect of your semester abroad affords you some of the richest experiences and possibly will acquaint you with people you'll never forget. So be sure to go dancing after enjoying tapas with your new friends or enjoy music and the fresh Valencia air breezing in from the Mediterranean. As an important time in your life, make it as memorable as you can by attending all the parties you can during your stay in Valencia.

Be sure to keep the Soy Erasmus discount card with you while you are sampling the social scene that Valencia has to offer as you could earn a discount for various places that you attend as an Erasmus student. Be sure to contact us for more information or if you have any questions.

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