1. What should I do if I find pests in the apartment?

    Regular and thorough cleaning is very important, as it also helps to keep insects and other pests at bay.

    The most common ones are cockroaches. It is normal to spot a few cockroaches in a house anywhere in Spain. So the best way to prevent from them is to keep the humidity low in the rooms (especially in the bathroom, kitchen). For example, you can leave the bathroom door open after a shower to allow the bathroom to dry properly. Floor drains should be cleaned regularly.

    Usually poor hygiene and untidiness will increase the chance of having pests.

    Cockroaches are a problem in the Spanish buildings especially when the degrees are going up. To solve the problem, the tenants need to let us know immediately if they have spotted cockroaches. HFW will act upon the problem with the pest company. If the tenant reports about the problem as soon as it is detected, the treatment is free of charge to the tenant. Notifying HFW about pests is tenants’ responsibility.

    It is also very important that the tenant follows the instructions given by the pests control company: if the instructions are not followed carefully, the pest control actions will not be successful.

    In the case that pests are found due to tenant’s mistakes (dirtiness and so) the tenant will be in charge of and charged for disinfection costs.

  2. What should we do if we have damages in the apartment during the stay after moving in?

    When you have any problems in the apartment you should contact us ASAP via email, Phone or WhatsApp.

  3. What should I do if I have problems with the flatmates?

    Sharing a student flat is enjoyable and exciting experience. However, every tenant should be aware that the rules set up by the landlord are of a great importance and they must be respected.

    Each flatmate has the responsibility for the shared apartment, which also means that other flatmates careless does not give you the right to neglect your responsibilities.

    All the flatmates in shared apartment must do their duties partially (as keeping the kitchen, the hall, the toilet, and the bathroom clean).

    Most of all, the shared apartment is a home for all of the tenants. Being flexible leaves no room for enjoyment and feeling at home, so also consider your roommates´ needs and wishes.

    Solve minor differences by constructive dialogue – mutual understanding makes everybody feel at home.

    Living in shared apartment is an experience that at its best creates lifelong friendship and enduring memories.

    Please relax and feel at home, but also show consideration to your roommates and neighbors. Common sense and listening to others in interaction situations helps you have a positive impact on how well you and your flat mates enjoy living in our apartments.

  4. What if one of the tenants damages the property? Will all flat mates be responsible for it? Who should inform about it to HFW?

    Normally if some of the tenant breaks something in the flat he has to declare his responsibility for ethic reason to not implicate the flat mates. If apartment damage occurs, it should be handled according to the binding lease agreement between the tenant and landlord. The tenant who made the damage should inform HFW about it ASAP. In case he doesn’t do it the flatmates should do it, to avoid shared responsibility. The damage will be repaired within allotted timeframe.

  5. What to do if the room is found dirty and with damages at the time of check-in?

    The cleaning cost aren’t included in the rent therefore each student when leaving/checking-out must leave the room and flat clean so the next new tenants move in into clean accommodation.

    If new tenant finds the room dirty, must immediately inform HFW. We would then hire the cleaner to clean the room and deduct cleaning cost from previous tenant´s deposit.

    The details and cleaning rules will be provided at the time of check in.

  1. Do all the apartments have good transport connection?

    All the flats provided by HFW are very communicative and have excellent transport connection with the nearest metro and bus stations literally 2-3 minutes away from the property.

  2. Are any Valenbici stations close to the flat?

    Yes, there are many Valenbici stations close to every apartment HFW offers.

  3. Are bedding (sheets, bedclothes, blankets, pillows, towels) provided?

    For the students who are coming for more than 1 month (30 days) we provide only pillows and blankets. However, if you want to buy additional bedding (sheets, bedclothes, etc.) we can provide it for you on very low price.
For the short-term rentals (less than 30 days) we provide everything including bedding and towels.

  4. What a room/house has?

    All Erasmus and internship students who are coming to Valencia should check the descriptions of the apartments where everything the room/flat has is stated. Additional to that we provide a video for every single flat in order our customers to have better vision on it.

  5. In the description of the room is written that there is a desk in the room, but I can’t see it in the video? Does it mean that the room has a desk or not?

    Sometimes, we make the videos before we refurbish the house or before we make any changes. So always pay closer attention to the description in the website.

  6. What should I do if in the description of the room was written that the flat has some amenity (a fan, for example), but when I arrived in the room I didn’t find it?

    In this case, you need to contact HFW and we will provide anything missing in the room.

  7. Can I ask for a locker in my room?

    Some of the rooms already have its own lockers but in case you feel the need to have an own key and locker you will need to pay additional fee in order to provide with a key or locker (if needed).

  8. Is there Internet in apartment? Does the apartment have good Wi-Fi connection?

    All our apartments have Internet connection. The Wi-Fi we provide is always on a highest speed. However, please note that when sharing a big apartment, it is possible you will need to have additional distribution device. If you want two connections to have quicker and reachable Internet in any place in the apartment you can pay additional fees to change the speed.

    If the apartment is newly refurbished or totally new, it is possible that at your arrival you don’t have an Internet. However, it will take us maximum one week to fix it.

  9. Are the rooms and apartments provided with heating system? What kings of heating have the flats (central or electrical)?

    As the air gets colder in the autumn and winter, it is common that the tenants complain about coldness and draft in the apartments. HFW apartments are heated with district heat or electric heaters.

    If in your arrival, you don’t find, just send us a request about it.

    The recommended room temperature is +20…22 ºC. Optimal room temperature also depends on your own activities.

    Very important: For security reasons, having own heating device is forbidden unless pursuant with HFW.

  10. Does each apartment and room have air conditioning?

    Some of our apartments have air conditioning/heating while some just fans. You should check in each room/apartment the description to be sure what kinds of amenities have a flat and a room. When you rent a room in hot season and you don’t find an air conditioning or fan in your room you just need to contact us and send a request about it.

  11. Does the flat have dishes?

    All the flats are provided with the cutleries needed.

  12. Is the kitchen fully equipped?

    Yes, every kitchen in the apartments of HFW is fully- equipped (provided with microwave, fridge, washing machine, and other necessary equipment).

  13. Do all apartments have parking space for bicycles, Moto or cars? Is it for free or should I pay something additionally?

    Public parking spaces are available in all HFW houses. It is for free. Your own bicycle we don’t recommend to leave on the street. You can leave your own bike in the apartment, but not in the main building! For car or motorcycles, normally you won’t have problem to find a public parking place close to the accommodation.

  1. What are the cleaning duties?

    The cleaning and maintenance of the flat is one of the main duties of the tenants. The purpose of cleaning is to provide cozy and pleasant place to live in as well as make living safer, healthier and enjoyable.

    As a tenant, it is your duty to carefully clean, take care of, and maintain the apartment (observe the cleaning guidelines given by HFW). If the apartment is clean and well cared for, the need for maintenance and repairs is less and money is saved.

    Neglecting to clean may result in extra costs, at the inspection on your moving out.

    If during of the stay of some tenant/flatmate complains about cleaning problems in the flat for the mistake of the flatmate, we will send first notification to solve the problem and clean the flat. If the tenant will not take it in consideration a maid will be invited and tenant will be charged for it.

    HFW provide you a schedule of cleaning in each flat in order to make better organization of cleaning to be better organized between the flat mates.

  2. Can I smoke in the apartment?

    Smoking is strictly forbidden in shared apartments and in all apartments with tenancy agreements.

    If a tenant smokes indoors in a room or an apartment, they must ensure that the smoke doesn’t get to common areas to not disturb not stocking flat mates.

    The tenant must also make sure that the smoking does not affect the condition of the apartment. If the apartment has to be washed or painted because of smoking, the tenant has to pay all the costs.

    You can smoke in the balcony or the terrace of apartment.

  3. Can I bring pets?

    Pets are NOT allowed.

  4. Can we have guests in our apartment?

    Yes, you can. For security reason it is important that you inform us about your guests. It is important if something unexpected happens in the apartment we know who was staying in the flat.

  5. What are other tenant responsibilities?

    The renter is responsible for damages that are out of ordinary wear and tear, which can be deduct out of their security deposit.

    Detailed information on the tenant and landlord responsibilities you will receive in your arrival when you will sign a rent agreement. Tenant and landlord responsibility chart will be given.

    Tenant should notify of damage and that HFW doesn’t want things let go.

    Having your own apartment gives you a lot of freedom, but it also brings responsibility and obligations. The tenant is responsible for the careful maintenance and cleaning of the apartment.

    The tenant is not responsible for the normal wear and tear of the apartment. However, the tenant is required to compensate for any damage caused by the actions or the negligence of the tenant. The tenant is expected to inspect the condition of the apartment at the time of moving in.

    The tenant must check the condition of the apartment when moving in. After moving in, the tenant has 48 hours to report any faultsand problems (including cleanliness of the apartment) to HFW by emailing, calling or WhatsApp.

    If no report is submitted, HFW will charge the tenant for these faults and problems at the time of moving out.

    The Tenant is responsible for cleaning, taking care of and carefully maintaining the apartment and equipment.

  6. What about common and private areas usage in shared flat and invited persons?

    Common areas: Every tenant should have their own privacy in the common areas. Everybody should have their own shelves in the cupboards and fridge. Agree on boundaries for common and private areas and respect them.

    Your room in the shared apartment: Your room in the shared apartment is your private space and it should be respected. The room is meant for one or two persons - the tenant (s). Friends, boyfriends or girlfriends are not allowed to stay. It is forbidden to house any person for a long time not included in the tenancy agreement. If you disregard this rule - your tenancy agreement may be terminated/revoked. For invited persons for short period you should ask an authorization to HFW as it is stated in Rent agreement.

    Respect other people´s property. It is important to agree on the use of different equipment. It can be shared, or tenants can have their own and only use that.

  7. What housekeeping services HFW provide?

    The apartment will be completely clean at your arrival. If during your stay you need extra cleaning, it can be hired at an extra cost.

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