1. I bought a package, what else should I pay and when? Do I have to pay it before arrival, on arrival or on another date?

    For short terms rentals (less than 5 months) you will have to pay an advance payment, a part of the first month rent/or deposit. If the price of the monthly rent is lower than the advance payment we will cover first month rent and a part of the deposit.

    For long terms rentals (5 months and more) you have to buy for your chosen package.

    Before your arrival you don´t have to pay anything additional. Another payment you will need to make at your arrival-as soon as you sign the ‘rent agreement’. At this moment, you will need to pay the first month rent and the security deposit (the deposit will be returned at the end of your stay).

  1. How should i pay the rent, each month or all in advance?

    For the first month you will pay at your arrival day, for the other months you will pay month by month or you can also pay in advance for all months if it is more convenient for you.

  2. Which are the dates of rent payment? Can I change the day rent due? What happens if I can´t pay the rent on time?

    Rent is always due on the 1st of each month. If you can’t pay on this day or if the 1st day is weekend or holiday you should pay the rent earlier.

    We demand the payment of the rent in due time as established in the tenancy agreement. If there are any extraordinary causes for which you could not pay the rent on time, you have to inform us in advance so that we can find a solution.

  3. If I reserve a room with an arrival date later than the 1st of the month and/or exit date earlier than the end of the month (for instance 10th of September- 20th of January) should I pay the rent for the whole month or just from the date I moved in? If I reserved a room from the 15th of September, for example, until the 16th of January, should I pay the rent for all September and all January, in total for 5 months, or just for 4 months?

    If you reserve the room before the 16th of September (or before the 25th of February) for all semester or academic year with arrivals later than the 1st of month or exits earlier than the end of the month you will need to pay for all the month. In the given example you should pay the rent for all September and all January.

    When you reserve the room after a busy period of reservations (after 15th of September until 31th of January and after 25th of February until 31th of August) you will pay the price calculated for temporary stay. The price will be given when you make a reservation. Please note, the prices for temporary stays are higher than for study period.

  4. If I arrive on 25th of January, do I have to pay for January (if my reservation is from the 1st of February until 30th of June)?

    Yes you should pay for January like for temporary stay. When you make a reservation for temporal stay you will be able to know the price of the temporary stay for the days of January depending on the apartment and the room.

  5. I plan to move out at the end of the month. Do I need to pay the last month´s rent even though I paid a deposit? I would like to pay the last month rent with my deposit, can I do it?

    No, you can´t pay the last month rent with a deposit. A security deposit does not take the place of rent. If you do not pay the last month´s rent, you may be evicted.

  1. Do I have to pay a deposit? How much is the security deposit? When should I pay it?

    A security deposit is money that you give at the beginning of the lease, before moving in. The deposit is usually equal to two months’ rental fee. In exceptional situations it can be just a month rent. The amount of the deposit is supposed to be paid upon signing the contract. If you cannot pay the full deposit when you move in, we agree to let you make the payment later on. In this case we make payment agreement in papers. The written agreement will state for how long you will have to pay and how much each payment will be.

    The deposit will be given at the end, when you leave the flat and the room in the same condition you got it.

  2. What is a security deposit? What is the purpose of it?

    Security deposit is for the benefit and safety of the landlord in the case that something on the property is damaged, extra dirty or broken. The security deposit is not used for any items that suffer normal wear and tear.

  3. When will I get my deposit back?

    The deposit will be returned in 2 parts: 1st part (half of the deposit) at the end of your stay when you leave an apartment and return the keys, (in case you leave the apartment in same condition you got it), and the second part by transfer when we check all the bills of electricity, water and gas used during your stay. All detailed information will be given in the Return of Security Deposit document signed by the landlord or landlord’s agent and the tenant.

  4. In which cases my deposit can be discounted or not returned?

    For damages caused by occupant, we will not deduct for normal wear and tear. This refers to wear which occurs during regular, daily, intended use of the rental. For repair of damages, other than normal, caused by the renter or the renter´s guests. The list of damages, found during the inspection in the last day of your stay, and estimate of repair costs will be send by email within 30 days of your moving out with invoices.

    For cleaning the apartment when the lessee moves out but only to make the flat as clean as it was when the tenant first moved in. Reasonable cleaning cost would include the cost of such things as cleaning the oven, removing decals, removing mildew in bathrooms, defrosting the refrigerator, brushing the floor and so. We will not charge for cleaning any of these conditions if they existed at the time when the tenant moved in.

  5. Which can be deducted from the deposit?

    To clarify this point, here are some examples of things that could deduct from a security deposit, meaning that the damage went beyond normal wear and tear:

    • Visible holes in walls from pictures hangers;
    • Broken tiles or fixtures in bathrooms;
    • Stopped toilet due to misuse;
    • Broken or dirty walls;
    • Removing paint by tenant;
    • Tears, holes or burn marks in carpets or curtains;
    • Broken window and window shelters;
    • Broken doors or locks;
    • Food, dirt or nicotine on walls, cupboards and appliances;
    • Garbage or litter strewn about;
    • Bills (electricity, water, gas, internet)
  1. How am I supposed to pay the expenses (water, electricity, gas, and internet)?

    Those bills are included in rent price. There is fixed price with a limit of bills included. This included amount is calculated for normal and reasonable usage. If you exceed this amount you should have to pay extra fee.

    As soon as we have an invoices of water, electricity and gas of your flat of your stayed period we will send you them and calculation of exceeded bills if you have it or not. That you can check by yourself how you use the bills.

  2. How should we prevent from increasing the bills?

    There are many ways to prevent from increased bills such as:

    • Always turn off the lights and electric equipment’s when not in use;
    • Do not run water unnecessarily.
    • Inform us immediately about leaking taps and toilets.
    • Use the washing machine.
    • Don’t cover the radiator thermostat or electric heating with curtains, furniture, etc.
    • Sort waste and recycle.
    • Favor energy efficient equipment,
    • Etc.
  1. If I have guests should I pay something in addition for the days they will visit me?

    2 nights for your guest during your stay period are for free. For additional staying, each guest will need to pay for the bills only. The price is 15eur/person per one week.

  2. If I leave an apartment before my rent agreement finishes should I pay something?

    If you want to move out earlier than the end of the contract, you will lose the deposit or you can find another person in your room, in that case you will not lose anything.

  3. If I decide after one month to leave the flat, can I do it without paying anything?

    If you decide to leave the flat before your rent agreement finishes and you don´t want to be charged for it, you can find another student by yourself in order not to lose anything.

  4. If I am renting a room and if the flat are more empty rooms do I have to pay for these rooms?

    No, you do not need to pay for other empty rooms in the flat. You pay rent for the room in which you live.

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