1. What should I do before my arrival?

    You will receive all the detailed information in the confirmation email we sent you after your reservation and payment. It is very important 5 days before your arrival to contact us either by email, Facebook or phone call (with information about your arrival day, time, and number of the flight).

  2. What about the Contract? When should I sign it? Is it necessary to sign a contract? What should I have for signing the contract?

    The contract is supposed to be signed when you arrive in Valencia (in our office). Also, you will get the keys when you sign it. For signing the contract, we will need your passport or ID card (copied) and the rest of the payment (the first month rent and deposit minus the paid advanced amount you’ve made). IMPORTANT: An advance payment will be discounted from the total of your payment.

  3. Is it possible to see the contract beforehand?

    All the rules mentioned in the contract you can find in Reservation process in ‘Terms and Conditions’ section. The final contract, you will be able to see in your account after your reservation is confirmed.

  4. If I come to Valencia earlier than my rent starts can I come to HFW office to sign a contract earlier than I move in to the apartment?

    Yes you can pass to our office earlier and arrange everything in advance. Please, make sure you have informed us about it.

  5. How can I reach the accommodation?

    We recommend you like a first option to contract our Pick-Up service. Many ex-students have benefit from it before and were more than happy with it. We assure you that we provide the cheapest and most comfortable pick-up service in town. We will pick you up straight after you land in Valencia and we will give you a hand with your luggage.

    Pick up trip: from the airport to the office and leading you from the office to your flat.

    Another option is to reach us by metro, which goes directly from the Airport to our office. You can take line number 3 and drop off to the metro station ‘Faculties’. We are 3 minutes by walking from it.

    If you are coming by bus you can take bus lines 1 or 95.

  6. If I notice any damages, upon my arrival in the flat that haven’t been made by me, how much time I have in order to inform HFW for it?

    When you arrive at the flat you have 48 hours to check everything and inform us about all the damages you’ve found, including any issues with the cleaning. Make pictures or video about damages you can notice and inform us by email about everything ASAP. We will manage and fix the damages found ASAP, including cleaning issues.

  7. What is the timeframe for repairs?

    Life-threatening items typically require repairs within 24-48 hours. Other, not urgent items will be repaired within 2 weeks more or less.

  1. How do I collect the property/flat/room keys (where and when)?

    Basically, the key is supposed to be given to you when you come in Valencia. However, if you come earlier than the day your rent starts, you will need to wait until the exact day of moving in because probably we have another tenant still living in the same room. In case you come on the exact date of your moving in date, you should pass by our office to give you the keys and sign the contract as well as arranging the rest of your documents and payments.

  2. When should I return all the keys?

    It is very important to take note that without returning the keys you will not be able to receive the deposit. The return of the keys should have to be at the same time when the tenant leaves the flat, during the inspection. For this reason, we recommend you 5 days before just send us an email about your moving out date and time.

  3. What should I do if I lose the keys or they were stolen?

    Each tenant living in a shared apartment will have own keys. Making copies of the keys is prohibited without HFW authorization.

    If you leave your keys at home HFW provides door opening service within maximum 24 hours (although none of your tenants so far has been waiting that long). If needed so, you can contact us by phone, WhatsApp or email.

    For the safety of the tenants the door can be opened only to a person who has a valid tenancy agreement to the apartment.

    If you lose a key, you must notify the HFW immediately by email, Phone or WhatsApp. You must pick up a new key from the HFW office and inform us about any details on how you have lost your key. Each new set of keys will cost from € 30 to € 50 depending on number and type of keys and the fee will be added to your next rent. Please note that in some cases it is necessary to change the key combinations of the locks if your flat mates don’t feel secure and ask us for it, and you will be liable for the cost (200 euros in the tenant).

    Never attach your name or address to the keys.

    All the keys must be returned to HFW no later than the tenancy agreement has ended. The same day when the first part of the deposit will be returned.

    If the keys have not been returned by the given deadline HFW will order rekeying of the lock. All keys that have not been returned as well as the rekeying of the lock will be charged from the tenant according to the tenant charge sheet valid at the time.

  1. What should I do before Termination of the rental agreement? What should I do when moving out?

    A lease expires automatically at the end of the lease term. The tenant is expected either to renew the lease before it expires (informing one month before) with the landlord´s agreement or to move out. A lease doesn´t require a tenant to give the landlord any advice written notice when the lease is about to expire. 5 days before your exit date you should write to our email and inform us about your exit day and hour to come and check an apartment, take the keys and give you back the deposit. The apartment you should leave clean.

  2. How inspection is made if the tenant is not at home?

    The landlord or the landlord’s agent may perform the inspection if the tenant is not present, except the case when the tenant has withdrawn the request before.

    The inspection is meant to be once at the end of the tenant’s stay- on his moving out.

  3. What does a HFW inspector look for?

    Normal wear and tear due to living does not incur consequences. Final cleaning needs to be finished by the time of the inspection, and your liability for the condition of the apartment continues until the end of the tenancy. If the inspection finds needs for repair or complaints about the cleanliness and deems the defects due to you.

  4. Should I clean my place when I move out?

    Yes. You should remove all of your things, remove any garbage and reasonably clean the unit. It is a good idea to walk through the clean unit with your landlord or landlord’s agent and ask if he thinks that it is clean enough.

    If you do not clean the rental unit, the landlord or agent can charge you up to 60 euros/person for cleaning which will be taken out from your deposit.

  5. What can I do when I move out to try to make sure I will get my security deposit back?

    Leave the property in the same condition as it was when you moved in, except the normal wear and tear. Check the cleaning list to see what things you are required to do before you move out.

    When you leave the rental, do a walk through, take a pictures and, if necessary, video.

    Return the keys.

    Remove all belongings.

    Notify landlord you are moving/not renewing.

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