Bike Rental

Soy Erasmus is pleased to introduce our bike rental service where we help facilitate bike rentals for Erasmus, international, and foreign exchange students at a student-friendly price! Affordable rates for the convenience of bikes are ideal for students studying for a half semester or semester.

Renting a quality bicycle means students will be able to easily get around their Valencia neighborhood and commute to school. A bike is very nearly a necessity for university students, but why buy one if you only plan to reside in Valencia, Spain as an international student for a few months? Buying a bike outright is an expensive option and many students find that they have to turn around and sell it cheaply once it is time to return to their home country. For this reason, renting a bike while studying in Valencia is an economical and rewarding option that will complement any stay in this lovely Spanish city.

Soy Erasmus provides international students access to bike rentals that feature men's, women's, and various sized bikes. With an excellent selection to choose from, students will be able to find a bike that suits them and their plans perfectly. With Bike Rentals available from Soy Erasmus, there is no need to worry about getting from your apartment rental to class or anywhere else you'd like to visit in biking distance!

Why Do You Need a Bike in Valencia?

Valencia is the city of oranges and there is nothing like catching the fresh scent of the city when you ride a bike past a marketplace or, perhaps, your favorite neighborhood bakery. Yet first and foremost, Erasmus students in Valencia, Spain need a bike rental simply for getting to university as well as, perhaps, the market. Even if you live near the university, campuses can be somewhat spread out and a bike makes getting to class on time easier. You can also cut down on the time it takes to commute home so you have more time to study or relax with your flat roommates and friends.

Of course, there are many pleasurable excursions you can make with a bike during your semester in Valencia. Pack a lunch and ride off to the beach for a relaxing day looking out over the Mediterranean Sea. You can plan to meet friends at an area café or restaurant and take a sightseeing tour on the way from the back of your bike. Valencia is home to a myriad of architectural splendors. You will love being able to conveniently visit museums, parks, and so much more!

If you have any questions about procuring your bike rental during your stay in Valencia, please contact Soy Erasmus and we will help you find precisely what you're looking for or answer any questions you may have. Since the rates are so affordable for students, you'll be so happy once you have your bike rental and can begin to navigate this ancient city!

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